Generate Your Own Energy

Generate Your Own Energy

1. Use a stationary bike that has a power generator. Doing this, you will be powering an electric turbine and at the same time, getting some exercise. You can also get kits that have the parts needed to attach to your bike. A lot of stores sell complete units already ready to use. Even if you pedal at just a moderate rate, you could power the iPad you listen to while you exercise.

2. Put solar panels on your roof. This doesn’t just let you use the rays of the sun to generate electricity, but the panels will act as an extra layer of insulation, letting you have the temperature of your house right where you need it.

3. Decrease how much energy you need to use from the start, and then you won’t have to create as much. You know what to do: Don’t use lights when you don’t need to, knock the thermostat down a little during the winter and up during the summer.

4. Use the power of the rivers and streams if you got any. Installing hydroelectric turbines let you to make use of all of the energy that would just flow on by. You want to put the turbine at a point in the waterway where it has the fastest flow. Bends and turns are great places for this. If you don’t know for sure, try to visit with a geologist.

5. Got battery-powered flashlights? Use models that are powered by side-mounted cranks. Not only will you be creating your own energy, but you won’t have to worry whether or not the batteries flashlight are working when you end up in an emergency. Just use the crank a few times, and you got light.

6. Connect your house with a biogas generator. A regular generator uses gasoline or some other kind of fossil fuel to get electricity out of a turbine when there are problems with the public grid. A biogas generator creates electricity by using the methane that’s created during decomposition of natural materials.

7. If you can, make your energy generation a neighborhood wide project. You can try spliting the costs between several neighbors, so you can get bigger, and more efficient solar panels or wind turbines. This is a communal idea, and sharing these with your neighbors is a great way to contribute to the renewable energy movement, and generate karma.

8. Get a wind turbine added to your roof. Depending on how windy the area is, the turbine probably won’t be able to power every thing by itself. Though over time, the benefits will greatly add up, adding to your overall energy efficiency.

9. Take advantage of and get heat energy using the source right at you. What is the source? Your own body. When you get a little cold, do some jumping jacks to increate your heart rate. You can insulate your home; and insulate yourself by using blankets when you sleep. Your body is like a machine that turns your food into energy and heat.

10. Keep watching for new options as they are found. New ways to create your own energy get discovered all the time. For example, scientists are just now figuring out how to create clothes out of nanofibers that will create electricity while you move around. This is great for a lot of personal things, like keeping your iPod nicely charged.

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