How to Prevent Male Hair Loss

How to Prevent Male Hair Loss

Use mild shampoo and conditioner; this is gentler on your hair and results in a better overall condition. Also avoid harsh soaps, especially ones with deodorant, because they harm the scalp.

Illnesses and having antibiotics can generate hair loss, so staying in good physical condition helps you counteract the effect that illnesses have on your hair.

Celiac disease can generate hair loss; talk to your doctor if this is a concern.

Get a wig for temporary hair loss until the hair grows back.

Don’t panic if you get postpartum alopecia and have been pregnant. Hair loss because of pregnancy can be troubling, but it is a natural result of your hormonal changes caused by pregnancy that changed the hair quality and even it’s thickness. This is a sign of hormone levels geting back to normal again. Hair lost because of postpartum alopecia usually grows back within a few months.

Dandruff shampoos with zinc can promote modest hair growth.

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