Answers to Job Interview Questions About Weaknesses

Answers to Job Interview Questions About Weaknesses

This is usually the most dreaded part of the interview. We all have weaknesses, but who would want to admit to them, especially when in a job interview?

A great way to handle the question is to minimize the trait and mostly talk about the positive. Think of a trait and also provide a solution to overcome your weakness. Don’t give any personal qualities but stay on professional traits. Like: “I am a ‘big-picture’ guy. Though I have to admit I sometimes may miss the small details, though I always make sure I got someone who is detail-oriented on my team.”

Scripting Your Answers

Generate a positive statement that you can say with confidence:

“My big strength is my flexibility to handle change. As the customer service manager at my last job, I could turn around a negative working environment and generate a very supportive team. About weaknesses, I think that my management skills could be better, and I’m constantly trying to improve them.”

When asked this interview question, you need to remember that the interviewer is trying to find a fit. He/She is generating a picture of you based on the answers. Just one answer probably won’t keep you from getting the job, unless…it’s something blatant. Keep your energy on your strengths statement — what you got to offer. Then make sure the interviewer knows that although you are not perfect, you’re working on the weaknesses you got.

Why do you want to work for us answer 2,400

The interviewer gives a simple interview question, though it catches you off guard: “Why do you want to work for this company?” The first answer that you get is, “Because you have a job opening, and I could really use a job.” Even though this might be true, it will not earn you any points in the interview.

The interviewer wants an answer that shows you have thought about where you want to work — that you are not just giving your resume to any company that has a job opening. Checking out the company and industry before you have the interview will make sure you stand out as a much more informed and competent applicant.

You need to do some research before you have the interview and get two or three reasons why you want to work for them. Search the company Web sites for stuff like product and service information, their mission statements, principals’ backgrounds and contact information. Check the company financials using the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

It would also help to think of some reasons the job is a good match for your experience, skills, strengths, and background. What will you bring to this company? Write down the thoughts and rehearse them as part of your preparing.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question. The answer needs to show them that you have thought about what you want and have looked in to the company. Let them know you are being selective about who you want to work with and that you are not just going to take any job given to you. Show them that this is the company you really do want to work for — a little flattery can go a long way.

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