What do you Know About Our Company Best Answer

What do you Know About Our Company Best Answer

The absolutely WORST thing you could say is “Not much.” or “Nothing.”

Check out the company first. Yes, whether you are applying at Taco bell or a Fortune 500 Company. Use the internet. Check out their website. Find out who they really are, what they do and why you would want to work with them. The absolutely WORST thing you could do is show up at the interview not knowing anything about the company, hoping they don’t ask you the question!

Once you got some information about the company you will be able to answer this question more easily (Like: “I’ve read about how the company’s growth has been growing and also how involved it is with the local community.”)

Don’t us any of the following answers:

I don’t know very much about the company. You know, this is a tough time for me. The economy is in the dumps, and I applied for a lot of jobs and I don’t have the time to learn about each of the companies.

I think I know just a tiny bit about your company. It name is Google, I think, or is it Yahoo?

I know you’re looking for a new marketing manager and that is the reason I’m here. I don’t know anything else.

Talk about any of the following things:

Some of the achievements of the company.

The culture and working environment.

Goals of the company, and the vision the company has.

Some of the job duties you might have.

Anything you can compliment about the company in a job interview.

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