Pick the Sex of Your Baby

Pick Sex of Your Baby

MicroSort is a dye technique that tries to separate girl-producing sperm from boy-producing sperm. Sperm of the desired gender gets placed into your uterus by artificial insemination (AI).

MicroSort was discovered in 1995 and was used in a clinical trial that ended in 2012. (So enrollment is now closed.) Microsort did not get approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and as of March 2012, it is no longer available in the United States.

The method was about 88% successful in choosing girls and about 74% in choosing boys. (The rates are per pregnancy, not per cycle.) As of 2010, about 1,400 pregnancies had been achieved using MicroSort.

MicroSort is done on the fact that girl-producing sperm, which have X chromosomes, are more bigger than boy-producing sperm, which have a Y chromosome.

This procedure involves coloring a sperm sample with fluorescent dye and then using a laser to illuminate the dye. The bigger X chromosomes absorb more dye and glow brighter than Y chromosomes. They are then sorted by supposed gender, and the preferred sex is then transferred to the uterus, normally with AI.

In some cases in vitro fertilization (IVF) gets used – which might increase the odds of a pregnancy but it’s also more invasive and costs more.

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