Wedding Speeches for Maid of Honor

Wedding Speeches for Maid of Honor

The words make or break a wedding. No matter how great the cake or flowers are, it’s the speeches that make it a great wedding. Here’s tips to create an unforgettable start to that celebration.

The Opening

DO start out with who you are and how you know the bride. Remember, not everyone at the wedding will be from her side, and this creates a sense of connection to you and what you are going to say.
DON’T think it’s required that you start out with a joke. Ignore that misguided advice you got from that corny uncle; It is way better to start out with sentiment and sweetness than a gimmick that just might bomb with dead silence.

What to Say About the Bride

DO give a short story on what you love the most about the bride. Tell every one about positive attributes, like as how she lights up any room and she’s the first one to help friends in need.
DON’T say, “Finally, she discovered the man of her dreams” or some other phrasing that sounds like she might be the last one out of your list of friends to find her mate. This is a *big* no-no!

Her Love Story

DO shortly describe how you knew she met The One. Now this is where you can give your funny story, like how she started to use some of his catchphrases: “When Jane came home from her date with John and used the word ‘rad,’ we all knew that she was all over him!” Or how she started to become interested in his interests and passions (and the day you saw him in bike shorts, ready to take on her hobbies as well).
DON’T tell how her partner is different from past boyfriends, like “None of Jane’s other beaus ever wanted to put on biking shorts!” Never give any hint of any exes, period – not even if you are trying to be funny. Yes, Jane dated some nuts, but you can talk about that at the bachelorette party roast.

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Wedding Speeches for Maid of HonorWedding Speeches for Bride

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