Remove Eye Floaters

Remove Eye Floaters

1 Make sure you have antioxidants in your diet, like vitamins A, C, and E, along with bioflavonoids, selenium and beta carotene. They can help avoid damage that might occur at the vitreous. Vitamin C can especially help strengthen the connective tissues in your eye.
2 Chromium, calcium, copper and manganese can strengthen your connective tissue in the eye, improve circulation and help to protect the vitreous from ultraviolet light. If you have diabetes, chromium and manganese might also help to regulate your blood sugar.
3 Each day, swallow a gingko supplement. Gingko improves blood circulation, which can help treat eye floaters. Also, bilberry supplements might help to support capillaries, especially those of the eye.
4 Try herbal supplements, like horsetail, which can help to fix the connective tissue, and dandelion root, which can help control blood sugar levels for diabetics with eye floater complications.
5 See your eye doctor about possible surgical options, like a vitrectomy. A vitrectomy is where the vitreous fluid gets removed, and is then replaced with an artificial gel. This does have the risk of blindness.

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