Romantic Ideas for a Date

Romantic Ideas for a Date

Get a old small self-power boat that has the bike peddles and go do a picnic over water and watch the sunset or rise. Be sure to you remember the sunscreen or use an umbrella if it doesn’t have shade cover.
Try horse back riding and then have a picnic over at the canyon.
Have a late night hike to the top of a hill far from lights, come with a blanket and then watch the stars.
Drive to places you got memories and share them. This is a great way to get to know each other and create memories of your own!
Take a walk to your favorite Ice Cream shop and then eat your ice cream together on a park bench.
Spend some time on a trolley or train.
Get some great books and climb a tree and read with your date. Kids books are great books because you get to laugh and be a kid again.
Do Horseback Riding.
Take all your pennies to a fountain and make wishes, out loud while you throw them in, one penny at a time.
Make bonfire roast marshmallows (try roasting other stuff as well).
Dance and sing in the rain, or snow.
Make life lists together.
Hike to look at waterfalls or wildflowers.
Get up really early and watch the sunrise, then have breakfast together.

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