Fun Date Ideas for Married Couples

Fun Date Ideas for Married Couples

Make some kites and then go to the park and fly them.
Gather pictures and make a scrap book.
Work on a tricky jigsaw puzzle—this creates a great time to just do some talking.
Walk your dog—or borrow that neighbor’s dog…that always keeps you up through out the night…and show it who’s boss!!
Go to a playground and have fun on the swings.
Movie + Popcorn, Movie + Pizza, Movie + Cuddling.
Ride a bike around your neighborhood.
Lay in the grass looking for shapes in the clouds.
Go ice skating.
Put a love sac in the back of a truck and go up into the mountains or in to the open under the stars and just stare at the stars and talk.
Have a dessert picnic at midnight at the park.
Look for a building/apartment complex that lets you go up on the roof and have a candlelight dinner. It’s simple, cheap and very romantic. It can be adapted to whatever style you want. It can be a picnic if you want to be more casual.

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