Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Keep the mouth clean. Brush good at least two times a day, and also floss each day. Food and bacteria will get trapped between the teeth and at the gum line they can be removed only using floss. If it stays there too long, it will not smell nice at all. Periodontal disease can give you chronically bad breath.

You also want to clean your tongue. Bacteria that is left on your tongue can create less-than-fresh breath, so also brush your tongue when you’re done polishing your pearly whites.

Get rid of your dentures. If you have dentures, don’t wear them while you sleep. Give them a nice cleaning and leave them out until you wake up.

Wet your mouth. A dry mouth can create a smelly breath. Saliva helps keep your mouth clean and it has a natural antibacterial action and washes away extra food particles. (Less saliva flow at night is why your breath smells sour when you get up in the morning.) Try sucking on sugarless mints to increase saliva production.

Don’t get stressed out. Stress is able to dry out your mouth, generating bad breath.

Stay away from potent foods. Garlic and onions, along with other foods, have sulfur compounds that go to the lungs after they get absorbed into your bloodstream. Some fish, like anchovies, and seaweed are high in “fishy” amine odors. Though, during the move, the ingredients that make the foods so tasty and pungent stay around. And they do not smell so good as you whisper sweet nothings into your sweetheart’s ear.

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Home Remedies for Bad BreathHow to Get Rid of Bad Breath?Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

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