Cure for Eczema on Hands

Cure for Eczema on Hands

When you have to sanitize your hands, use lukewarm water and a perfume-free mild cleanser, then get your hands dry gently and quickly use a moisturizer. The best moisturizer is petroleum jelly, though creams in a jar or tube will also work. You need to keep a good moisturizer right next to each sink in your home. If it feels tacky on your hands, get rid of the excess. You only need to have a very thin layer.

Keep a bunch of pairs of cotton gloves around the house to protect your hands while you are doing chores. Even something like folding laundry can irritate your tender skin. When these gloves get dirty, wash them using a perfume-free and dye-free soap. If your fingertips do not get affected by hand eczema, you can cut the glove tips off to keep cooler when working in hot weather. For wet work, put on your cotton gloves and then cover them with unlined powder-free vinyl or neoprene gloves. (The latex in rubber gloves are able to give you allergies.) Afterward, wash eczema reusable gloves inside-out and let them air dry completely. If a reusable vinyl glove gets a hole in it, get rid of it. Using a glove with a hole in it is worse than using no glove at all. If water gets in your glove, get rid of it immediately; get your hand dry, and get a new glove.

Wear gloves while you peel potatoes and when you work with onions, meat, peppers, or acidic fruit, like citrus and tomatoes. Disposable vinyl gloves work great. When you are done preparing these foods, throw the gloves away.

For outdoor work, use unlined leather or thick fabric gloves to protect your hands. Leather gloves also protect your hands in windy, dry, or cool weather. Don’t use wool because it can be prickly and irritating.

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