Symptoms of Type 3 Diabetes

Symptoms of Type 3 Diabetes

As it’s a recent phenomenon in the human body, the symptoms of Type 3 diabetes have not been studied very much. What little research has been done, it’s been seen that Type 3 diabetes is more prevalent among women than men, and body-weight plays a major role in getting it.

Though, the most common symptoms of this type of diabetes include:

Increase in heart rate and spikes in blood glucose level. These have been proven by the researchers by subjecting Type 3 diabetes at-risk patients to treadmill test, which showed a big increase in blood sugar levels when being compared to same amount and intensity of exercise by walking outdoors.

Symptoms usually found in Alzheimer’s are also found in Type 3 diabetes patients. These include memory loss, confusion and dementia. This is why the researchers think that Alzheimer’s disease could just be Type 3 diabetes. The symptoms are diagnosed and confirmed only after having an MRI scan of the brain, which can create inconclusive results in older people with Type 3 diseases because of the aging process.

Craving for carbohydrates and sugar is another symptom of Type 3 diabetes.

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