Type 4 Diabetes

Type 4 Diabetes

Type 4 Diabetes: Elevated Insulin. Lower Blood Sugar. 24/7 Pain. is based on a seven-year journey by it’s author, Bob Ranson, from having cardiac arrest in 1999 to a life of constant pain and complications, a pacemaker and a LOT of only partially-effective medications. Now, the author is pain and drug free thanks to the discovery of the link between the nerve disorder and glucose levels.

More than a personal journal, Type 4 Diabetes includes the author’s experiences and discoveries with ground-breaking research that is being done by experts in Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia and other chronic disorders. The title, Type 4 Diabetes, actually reflects and pays respect to the work being done at Brown Medical School on stopping the progressive degeneration of Alzheimer’s Disease by using a new class of diabetes medications. In 2006, the Brown team suggested that Alzheimer’s be called Type 3 Diabetes.

Suffering with both autonomic neuropathy and diabetes, the author stumbled across his findings as he recorded the pain and effectiveness of the medications to stop the nervous disorder while he monitored daily glucose levels in a different diary. The growing realization that he was dealing with at least related diseases made him use himself as a “lab rat” and test out theories and possible treatment approaches.

In the book, the author covers this process in a concise style and includes his findings with the writings of medical experts about faulty glucose metabolism — the cause of diabetes. The author also points to an abnormal interaction between two key hormones, adrenaline and insulin, as being the foundation for the suffering by people that have neuropathy, fibromyalgia and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). He notes that researchers at the National Institutes of Health know of the link but don’t have the funds to study it at this time.

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