How Does Solar Produce Electricity?

How Does Solar Produce Electricity?

The answer how you create electricity from solar energy is way more easier to understand when you understand the components needed to turn solar energy into electricity.

Before you can create electricity through solar energy, there has to be a form of solar cell or panel that can be used to get the sun’s energy. Solar panels are made from a semi-conductive material, usually silicon. This material has electrons that will naturally just…doing nothing.

When photons (found in the suns rays) reach a solar cell, the electrons in the solar cell material absorb the solar energy, which then transforms the electrons into conduction electrons. If the energy of the photons are great enough, then the electrons can become free and carry an electric charge to the destination.

Now we have an understand of how you create electricity from solar energy. Here’s how different aspects can make worse or improve the efficiency of solar electricity systems.

The efficiency of electricity producing solar panels are of great concern for all consumers. Any electrons within the solar panels that don’t get enough energy just warm up resulting in lowering the efficiency of your system, so solar panels are much more efficient during sunnier weather. The lowering in efficiency is down to efficient electricity from solar energy.

When the electrons generate heat, the panel warms, which can interfere with other components on the solar panel.

More solar cells in your system means youare more likely to get a higher output of electricity. Quality cells are also a factor in efficiency. If you get more expensive solar panels then you will have a more efficient system, as you almost always get what you pay for.

Location also affects solar panel efficiency. Obviously the closer you are to the equator, the better output you’ll get with a given cell, and solar cells should be facing the direction of the sun, and there should be no objects blocking the suns rays.

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