Ways to Grow Taller in a Week

Ways to Grow Taller in a Week

The Hang

Doing this, you can gain 1-1.5 inches easily, and this is the simplest out of them all. You just need to hang your body down from a height. You can hold onto a pull up bar, a tree, goal posts, bus shelter – anything. You only need to hang for a couple minutes at a time. This gives your discs in the spine some time to decompress. This is also great for re-aligning a bad posture, because your body is getting stretched into its natural shape. Here you are using gravity to get taller.

Indian Push Up

This has a lot names, like the Hindu push up and yoga push up. As you probably figured out, it comes from an Indian yogic movement. You push yourself in an arc so instead of going straight up and down you go are also going from the back to front.


The point of this exercise is to twist your spine. This is an exercise most people will find difficult at first, as the spine has ended up very inflexible with time. The lower spine especially has compression because of our seated position.

Stand in a doorway towards the frame of the door. Put your feet firmly into the ground and while using the frame as a leaver, push your body around as much as it will go. It is important to also push your head and stretch your complete spine from the bottom to top. This should be done in both directions so you get balance.

Shoulder Lift

Lay on your front with your face right in the floor (Be sure to not twist your neck to the side!). You will feel your shoulders and arms pull the floor because of gravity. If you lift your shoulders and arms completly off the floor and count to 10 and then let them fall. Do this five times each morning and evening and you should gain an inch after about three or four weeks. This makes you taller by exercising a muscle that is normally very weak in most people. The muscle in the middle of the spine becomes slack from doing a lot of sitting, and hunching over things. When the muscle gets weak, your body sag and you shrink.


Sleep is great at increasing your height though you have to get enough of it to really benefit. You might of heard that while you sleep, you get taller whill your pine decompresses. This is true though if you don’t get enough sleep, your mood and lack of proper spinal recovery makes you hunch, ruin your posture, compresses your internal organs and decreases the odds of getting taller. You want to get at least 7 but preferably 8 hours of sleep each night to get the height you want.

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