What Helps You Grow Taller?

What Helps You Grow Taller

So you are working on growing taller naturally. As you might already know, there are multiple aspects to getting more height, such as proper rest, nutrition, stretching, and exercises to get you taller. Here’s five height increase exercises that have been proven to help you gain a few inches.

Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the popular exercise hat can help you get taller. Curling pelvic thrusts, side bends, and the cross legged backstretch can help your joints and spin get longer. Include yoga with the next exercise for the best results.


This cardiovascular activity has a very low risk of getting injured and helps your entire body at the same time. If performed diligently, swimming can also help you to get taller.


Although it might sound weird, getting a bar that you can hang on can help your body grow longer by stretching out your spine and joints. You can also just use a good tree limb that can hold your weight. There’s nothing hard to hanging. You just hang from a bar. This helps you lengthen and straighten your spine. It’s best that you do this for at least 30 minutes per week. You can also get your back and shoulders wider if you have a V-Taper and use a wider grip. Though a wider grip is harder. Keep the position for 10 to 15 seconds each time and then relax. Do this about ten times and have 10-15 second reps. You can rotate your torso both clockwise and counterclockwise directions as far as you can. You can also raise your legs side to side. Be sure your feet are held together. Avoid swinging when doing this. This is great for your back and this can make your upper body longer, letting you grow taller naturally.


Stretching is a common sense activity that helps you get taller. This can include bow down stretches, stretching when standing, wall-assisted stretches, toe touches, standing twists, and many more. This will even let you improve your physical ability and also sporting performance, and best of all this is a 100% all natural way of getting taller.


This is actually a popular exercise used by people who want to grow taller. There are a few exercises that can give you the results you desire: the hundreds, scapular isolations, and breast stroke prep. To do these increase height activities the right way, it’s best to contact a Pilates instructor or look for a physical trainer in your local area.

Eating right, geting enough sleep, and exercise can get you those extra inches that you want.

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