Acne Causing Foods

Acne Causing Foods

66% of the acne causes have ti do with the oil production. Some of the excess oil production could be diet-related. High-glycemic foods and dairy products can make changes in your body that generate increased cellular growth and oil production, which could increase the odds of getting acne.

The glycemic index measures the speed that sugar in the food gets into your bloodstream. High-glycemic foods got the fastest blood sugar response. Things like cupcakes and white bread are very high glycemic. The glycemic index is not a measure of any food’s nutritional value, fat content, or anything else. It just tells you how it will affect your blood sugar levels.

Here’s a few tips on eating a low-glycemic diet:

Don’t eat very many processed foods. Whole foods are almost always lower on the glycemic index than processed foods. For example, orange juice will increase your blood sugar much faster than eating a whole orange.

Try a protein pairing. Protein is harder to digest so it can bring down the glycemic index of a meal. Be sure to not use cheese or other dairy products for your protein. Those can also give you acne.

Choose fiber. Because fiber can’t be digested by the body, it is low on the glycemic index. Take in foods with a lot of fiber, and there is a good chance that you will steer away from high GI foods.

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