Gerd Treatment in Babies

Gerd Treatment in Babies

Are there any treatments for Acid Reflux in infants and children?

There are some lifestyle changes you can try for geting rid of acid reflux in your child:

For infants:

Lift up the head of the baby’s crib or bassinet
Keep the baby upright for 30 minutes after you do feeding
Thickening bottle feedings with cereal (Don’t do this without geting a doctor’s OK)
Change the feeding schedules
With the doctor’s OK, try solid food.

For older children:

Lift up the head of the child’s bed
Keep the child upright for two or more hours after eating
Give several smaller meals during the day, instead of three large meals
Don’t give them as much of foods and drinks that look like they your child’s reflux
Exercise with your child, regularly.

If it’s is severe or it doesn’t get better, see your doctor, who may suggest drugs to treat it.

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